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Connect bricks with matching colors and cover the entire board with bricks to solve each puzzle. But watch out, connections will break if they cross or overlap! Matching games are a perfect way to fill time and brain puzzle exercise that anyone can enjoy. In this brick match color or numberlink, pipeline game, you need to match the colors of the bricks or knots. It is a thrilling, interesting and engaging game for all ages! CONNECTING COLOR PAIRS GAME Match the pairs from the same colored blocks, it is as simple as that! In this block color match, you need to show good analysis, thinking and strategy to master it. Some levels will be mind challenging and frustrating! But, if you want puzzle challenge games, you will try and solve everything! ALWAYS COLOR MATCH TO 3 STARS Create a pipeline of blocks by matching colors and bonus objects in this game. You can get 3 star in each levels by connecting pipelines of bricks in a minimum number of moves and watch out, don't overlap pipelines when matching them. AMAZING MATCHING GAMES LEVELS AND GRIDS When it comes to numberlink or pipeline matching games, the key of a good game are the levels and the grids. This game offers multiple level packs containing more than 2000 levels. Levels start from basic 5 x 5 and 6 x 6 grids suitable for children, to medium grids 7 x 7 and 8 x 8, hard grids 9 x 9 and 10 x 10, expert grids 11 x 11 and 12 x 12 and finally up to the ultimate difficult behemoth 13 x 13 and 14 x 14 grids. They have different demands and are difficult in their own way. Brick Number Knot Free features: - over 2000 puzzles from small to big boards - delicious HD graphics design - multiple grid sizes: 5 x 5 .. 6 x 6 .. 7 x 7 .. 8 x 8 .. 9 x 9 .. 10 x 10 .. 11 x 11 .. 12 x 12 .. 13 x 13 .. 14 x 14 - clear connections button - only knots connecting / numberlink puzzle game with this fun brick theme - quick workout for your brain and a real mental exercise - suitable for all ages - hint system to solve the puzzle - ultimate addictive - tutorial included Brick Number Knot Free is not like a knots arcade game and you don't need an impossible fast reaction. Every level is to be solved. It's like a knots connecting, numberlink or pipe connecting game where you have to draw a line from color to color. So the challenge of this popular game is not speed or a quick reaction, but more to be creative, and if you wish find a quick solution. But there is no time pressure and you don't need to react fast, that's why this game is suitable for all ages. Yet every level can be a challenge. Brick Number Knot Free is designed with delicious colorful graphics. We developed an advanced, super fast, multiple buffer, shadow rendering technique, that's why this game will also run smooth on lower spec devices, even devices that don't support real time hardware shadows. All different graphics are carefully designed with special bright colors which makes this game look absolutely stunning on your mobile screen! Thrilling and interesting, you will not want to turn off this puzzle matcher. Knots are complicated to match, since you can go through them. Think of a way to pass through the levels! If you like easy and addictive path finding or block sliding puzzle games like unblock, taquin or puzzingo then this is definitely a game for you! Have fun, connecting the dots! Only a 2 or 3 permissions required: - In app purchasing and location, although sometimes all levels will be temporarily free. Location is for better advertising targeting, and in some updates it may ask for internet/network access, because in the rare case an error or exception happens it will forward a description of the error to the app’s analytics.