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Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race
Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race
Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race is an exciting, 2D action Bicycle driving game based on real physics with funny cartoon graphics. Drive your mountain bike through paths and hurdles over beatifull hills and amazing mountains. It is a simple 2D game, not 3D, yet challenging to play. On the left side of the screen you find the control buttons to lean back and forward. On the right side of the screen you press to speed up and slow down. Make stunts, run through jumps and flips, lean back on a rear wheel drive while browsing the challenging levels available now. So don't wait any longer, perform different cycling stunts, tricks and indulge yourself in this cycling excitement to get an adrenaline rush through the huge, beautifull mountains and hills! Get ready to perform numerous cool and exciting tricks in two different environments: a tropical sunny day-time mode and a serene winter theme. Go uphill or downhill on glaciers in the mountains and dangerous slopes with obstacles like tree trunks and rocks. Discover extreme sensations on a half pipe or pyramid in a snow resort to achieve the best time while finding out the extreme tricks you can do with just a two wheeler on a steep hill before landing safely on the road. The more you play, the better you become in handling the bicycle at high speed. Execute flawless tricks, but accelerate with caution as you may have a steep fall or sharp rising around the next corner. The challenge lies in landing savely on just two wheels and mastering the handling of your bicycle in order to become a 2D simulator stunts champ. Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race features: - Fabulous funny cartoon graphics - Different levels in a sunny tropical resort and serene winter theme - Challenging and different routes - Real physics with strong and smooth racing gameplay - Easy controls and tough challenges - Enjoyable and addictive top class real racer - Realistic and smooth bicycle handling - Crazy environment with trees, rocks and scenic mountain trails - Crazy curvy paths and challenging routes for different ryding styles - Upgrade sport bikes - Crazy cartoon stunts: jumps, flips, backflips and more - 2D downhill and sports cross bikes - Top class clycling game Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race is a brand new downhill and uphill cycle racer, aspiring reminiscent gameplay of classic cycle games where the laws of gravity defied, with also extremely realistic physics and a wide variety of extreme funny tracks. Cause mayhem on your bike and are you ready to defy the gravity? Have you ever wanted cycling in a sunny resort to ride a half pipe or ride moon like or pyramid like structures? Your heart will be pumping when you create mayhem through an adrenaline rush on many cross and dirtbike tracks! Tips: - Keep the rear tire on the ground to go fast - Use the left control buttons to lean forward and backward to get over hills - Perform sick cycle stunts and tricks to become king of the hill - As a stunt stickman learn from trial and error - Take it to the limit and beyond by physics bending stunts and tricks