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Smashy Tank Smashy Tank Smashy Tank Smashy Tank
Smashy Tank
It's time to pick up your TANK and battle! Drive through a warzone of different environments and avoid being shot by the ENEMY, the SWAT the ARMY TANKS, military HELICOPTERS and more! Use your weapons and shooting skills to destroy and destruct. Smash buildings, trees and other obstacles, go as far as you can! Master all 32 VEHICLES and different WEAPONS. Take your TANK arcade driving to new wars! Shoot down buildings, smash obstacles to pieces, smack down houses and bash all skyscrapers to bits! Enemy tanks, SWAT, turrets, helicopters and soldiers will try to stop you causing maximum destruction and mayhem! Escape bullets, drive armoured vehicles, tanks, military helicopters, jeeps, jet fighters, trucks, police cars, limousines and more! How much can you SMASH?! Take your shooting skills to a new warzone! Master and unlock all 32 vehicles. Battle through the dessert, city and grasslands or encounter BONUS areas with great rewards! Escape the ENEMY, the SWAT, the ARMY HELICOPTERS and TANKS! How much missions can you accomplish? Take control of a normal tank, Abrams, heavy or mammoth, jet fighter, truck, police car, Apache helicopter, blackbird, Airwolf style helicopter, a-team style van, Knight Rider style KITT, Blue Thunder style helicopter, jeep, limousine, taxi and more! Battle, smash, compare highest scores and beat your friends! FEATURES - 32 funny vehicles to unlock, wreck havoc with, cause mayhem and destrucion! - Vehicles have different strength and bullets, find your favourite! - Special weapens for more destruction, become invincible, SMASH EVERYTHING in your path! - A huge partly random generated environment to destroy! - Diffrent environments like desert, city, grasslands - Lots of missions to accomplish! - Encounter bonus area for extra points and rewards - Great pixel, block, arcade graphics, visuals and sound effects - No WIFI required, play anywhere, offline anytime. HOW TO PLAY - Swipe across the screen to move the player - Tap screen to shoot - Avoid being hit - Shoot, destruct, smack and destroy! Welcome to this pixel shooter in a vast open desert where a real arcade war is going! Constant battles between your arcade tank and enemy tanks, soldiers, helicopters and more - that is what Smashy Tank is about. Accomplish missions, drive awesome vehicles, encounter enemies, escape bullets and shoot back. Get the coolest vehicles with different weapons to dominate the enemy. Smashy Tank is an addictive and exciting, 3D action shooting game based on funny block, voxel graphics with great visuals and sound effects. Drive your player through roads and hurdles, through desert, grassland and city's. It is a simple pixel / block 3D arcade game, yet challenging to play. Just swipe your fingers on the screen to move your block character and tap the screen to fire. Avoid bullets, shoot back, run through a vast terrain of blocks, lean back on a continuous track, tread or caterpillar track while playing the challenging missions available now. So don't wait any longer, destruct and destroy everything in your path and enjoy yourself in this amazing excitement to get an adrenaline rush through the huge desert war zone!